Search Tips

"And" is including

Typing “and” in the search bar will include the keyword in your content search.* Alternatives are “also”, “with”, “+” (plus sign) these will function the same way as “and”.

Example: explosion and debris

“Not” is excluding

Typing “not” in the search bar will exclude the following keyword(s) from your content search.* Alternatives are “no”, “nor”, “without”, “-“ (minus sign)

Example: Los Angeles and aerial not night

"Or" is either

Typing “or” in the search bar will give you content with either keyword(s)*

Example: puppy or kitten

Quotation Marks

Keywords in quotes will be seen as a single keyword phrase. This means that the site will only see the exact phrase keyword and not search for individual keywords.

Example: “Grape Juice” will not yield all content with grapes and juice in the keywords, it will only yield the exact phrase grape juice.

Keywords will search within a keyword phrase unless using Quotes

Typing in a single keyword, such as “tree” for example, will not only find content with the single keyword “tree”, but will also find content with the keyword phrases “palm tree”, “Christmas tree”, and so forth.

Using Quotes around an individual keyword will not search within a keyword phrase.

Example: the search “bald” will not yield results with the keyword phrase Bald Eagle.

Parentheses will help with complex searches

Use parenthesis to tell the search engine what is first priority. It will do the search inside the parenthesis first.*

Example: (sand or dirt) not beach

*This is true for all search bars except the refine search on left of a content listing page.