About Artbeats

Artbeats is a corporation operating out of Myrtle Creek, Oregon and the parent company to ArtbeatsEXPRESS. Artbeats was founded by Phil Bates in California in 1989 with the goal of providing background images for desktop publishing. In 1996 Artbeats shifted focus to creating stock footage, and was instrumental in leading the royalty-free stock footage industry. We are a customer driven company with the goal of meeting the ever-shifting demand of video and film producers.

Artbeats has two main sales channels:
For individual clip sales: Artbeats.com
For content by subscription: Artbeatsexpress.com

Mission Statement:

To create a culture of award winning customer care which leads to quality products, quality service, customer satisfaction, measurable business results and a competitive advantage.

Key Milestones

1989-1994 Produce award-winning background collections for desktop publishing, starting with Dimensions, Potpourri, Natural Images, and Backgrounds for Multimedia.

1991 Receive MacUser Editor's Choice Award nomination for Backgrounds for Multimedia.

1992 Artbeats headquarters moves from San Bernardino, CA to Myrtle Creek, OR.

1992 Receive MacUser's magazine highest rating of "5 mice" for Marble & Granite 1.

Marble and Granite

1992 Receive MacUser’s Editor's Choice Award nomination for Marble & Granite 1

1996 Artbeats creates royalty-free(RF) footage model, releasing ReelTextures, and the Artbeats royalty-free stock footage library is born.

1997 Artbeats releases ReelFire 1, ReelExplosions 1 and Film Clutter, the first RF stock shot on 35mm film.


1998 The first time Artbeats footage (an explosion) is used in a major motion picture; Armageddon.

1998 Release White Puffy Clouds, the world's first RF High Definition stock footage collection.

1999 Artbeats is the first stock footage company to shoot Learjet nose camera and Vectorvision aerials.

Learjet nose camera mount

Artbeats Founder Phil Bates with Pilot Tom McMurtry with the Learjet nose camera mount.

2000 Artbeats introduces state of the art web site (artbeats.com) for content browsing and delivery, with the entire inventory available for high resolution download, the first in the industry.

2003 Release Ultra Fire, the first of three titles shot with the Phantom®, a prototype high-speed digital camera capable of shooting at speeds up to 1000 frames per second.

2008 Release five titles shot with Phantom HD®, the first high-speed digital HD camera.

2008 Release industry's first line of RF footage shot on RED One™ camera.

Phil Bates

Phil Bates shooting with the RedONE in 2008

2011 Release industry's first line of RF 3D stock footage including the first 3D aerials.

2011 Artbeats becomes the first stock footage company since 9-11 to gain permission to shoot aerials in the Washington DC no-fly zone.

2012 Release industry's first multi-angle stock driving plates. Note: Driving Plates are only available at Artbeats.com.

Phil Bates

Artbeats driving plates feature 9-angle views for 360° coverage.

2015 Artbeats introduces ArtbeatsExpress, a ground breaking footage subscription service.