ID# 211443

Organic Material, colorful and experimental (3/3)


water, waters, tilt, CMFL, close up, closeup, close ups, closeups, closeup shot, closeup shots, close-up shot, close-up shots, macro, grunge, grain, horror, art, colorful, noise, mystery, dirt, trash, melting, dust, chemical, organic, grainy, abstract, bokeh, overlay, FullHD, sequence, surreal, abstrakt, colorfull, colourfull, experimental, organical, farbenfroh, grunge effect, grunge style, grungestyle, gummibaerchen, gummy bear, horrormovie, icecold, macro kosmos, macrokosmos, makro, trashstyle, videograin, wasser


HD 1080 (1920x1080)

Filename 04_Backgrounds, Organic Material, Colorful And Experimental (33)
Codec PhotoJPEG
Frame Rate 23.98
Frame Count 373
Length 15 seconds
Talent Release Not Applicable
Property Release Not Applicable

Uploaded by IEDNlab on 2016-03-12

Technical Notes:

Part 3/3. Surreal, artistic and mystic clip of some organic stuff. It took me days to get the right consistency of the organic material (which is something you´ll never find out;) I shot those clips with a Canon EOS 7D with 70-200L and edited in After Effects with grainy color-effects, chromatic abberation and other cool effects. Threre´s no 3d-animation effects inside, it´s just filmed and enhanced with some plugins to get the right look. The get a totally new look, just download all the three parts, rearrange the clips to a new order and use hue/saturation or whatever effect to change the colors etc. Perfect for an intro for a horror-movie or whatever.